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out with the stuff

out with the stuff

I don’t think it’s any secret that moving kind of sucks. I mean, it’s fun and I’m really looking forward to our new place, but the actual moving-of-the-crap from one place to another isn’t my favorite. We’ve also decided to not pay for movers this time around, so boxing everything up is on us.

We’re renting our current house, and they aren’t being very communicative about their current plans for this house – I have no idea if they’re planning on renting this house out, planning on selling it, or…? I am not invested enough in general in their decision to keep the house Showcase Ready At All Times, but I do care enough to have it clean. I also like staying sane. Sooooo…we’ve rented a storage unit and are slowly boxing up things that we can go without for a month and sticking them in there. Less stuff in this house = easier to clean.

I also set up an appointment for the Veteran’s Association to come by and get donations off of our porch. And it looks like Habitat for Humanity will come get our washer and dryer when we’re done with them, if we want.

How do you handle moving? Are you the start early and pack slowly type, like me? Or do you box everything up in the week before the move? Or do you pay for full service movers?

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