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this is halloween (this is halloween)

pumpkins scream in the dead of night!

Or, if you’re in Georgia, the pumpkins are quiet, but it rains off and on during Trick-or-Treating and they predict snow a bit north of you and someone who doesn’t live THAT far from you posts on Facebook that she’s seeing flurries. (Which, for the record, is weirdly early for here. Maybe I should actually buy my kids snow boots this winter? ) The slightly chilly weather didn’t stop my kids, though. We had a pirate, a cowboy, and a kitty here, who all had an absolute blast!




Happy Halloween! Hope your evening was fun and your candy was tasty!

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everything is awesome, according to reid

Reid turned 5 this past week – Wednesday, to be exact. It was a great birthday for him – he hit the presents jackpot (4 Lego sets! Hotwheels! an American Girl puppy dog! a Buzz Lightyear! an Angry Birds playset!) had a cake he loved (even if I didn’t grease the pan and it got stuck…still tasted good), got to bring cupcakes to his KINDERGARTEN class…

We had his back to school open house night Thursday. He is in about the best situation I could hope for, public school wise – his class skews young and his teacher (who Levi had last year) is doing her best to tailor the class to 4-5 year olds while still staying within the mandated guidelines for K. He’s making friends, he’s doing well learning the rules and routines of kindergarten, and his pencil grip has already improved.

Reid MVP
August 2009. He still sleeps with his hands like that, even now.
Reid with his cake, August 2014
August 2014. He was so happy about that cake.

I can’t believe he’s 5. How did he get so big? Craziness. I posted a picture of him playing Legos on Facebook last week, and one of my friend’s moms posted in the comments that it reminded her of when her boys were little – and to enjoy every moment, because life doesn’t wait.

Here’s to life – and to five year old boys. I hope he has a fantastic year.

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first week of school

// We survived the first five days of school! They all three seem to be very happy to be back, although Levi was annoyed that first grade doesn’t come with as many toys as kindergarten. However, today he brought in his favorite book as part of an ‘About Me’ homework project (Roar of a Snore) and he came home so excited. “Mommy, I was the only person who brought in a book and she read it to the entire class!”

// Also, what would first day of school post be without pictures?





// In other news, job hunting land has some promising leads. Cross your fingers for us, it’s going to be a longgggg few days while we wait for more news.

// I hope everyone else has had a great week. Anyone else go back to school this week? Or do you have awhile yet?


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and so ends july

// So, Keith lost his job the beginning of July. Not counting the semi-purposeful stint as a stay at home mom on my part for the first four years of parenting, this is by far the longest either of us have gone without a job since we started dating 10 years ago. It’s really, really weird having him around this much. It’s also…kind of nice. Hopefully he finds a new job soon, but I’m glad the interim time hasn’t been horrible.

// The kids start school next Monday, August 4th. Which sounds really early, but summer break has honestly been long enough and I think we’re all looking forward to getting back on a better schedule. Reid is going to have Levi’s kindergarten teacher, and Levi is going to have Sydney’s 1st grade aide, who has been promoted to being a teacher. We’re pretty happy with that. It’s still a mystery who Sydney will get…we should know by Friday.



flying out of Los Angeles on Sunday – I love how you take off over the Pacific Ocean

// I went to San Jose last week for BlogHer ’14. The weather was so nice, and it was fun to reconnect with people. My flight to San Jose was two legs – Atlanta -> Phoenix and Phoenix -> San Jose. That quick layover was my first time flying into Arizona and while I know I have no interest ever living in a desert, I now want to visit the area. It looks interesting. Granted, maybe I’ll visit in, say, February…July was hot.


// I also got this really good vegan pizza from an Italian restaurant while I was in San Jose, and I think I’m going to try to replicate it at home. It was topped with baby spinach, broccoli, red onions and tomatoes, and it had fresh basil and Daiya cheese. No red sauce. I’m not quite sure how they got the Daiya cheese to melt as well as they did, I’m guessing a very hot pizza oven? But I think even in my not-a-pizza-oven it will be good…

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thriftin’ it up

Sometimes thrifting is good, sometimes it is really bad, and sometimes you hit the freakin’ jackpot.

I hit up Goodwill today because my wardrobe has gotten a bit sparse lately, and I wanted to wear more than just shorts and an Old Navy t-shirt to BlogHer next week. Luckily for me, today was a jackpot trip. I actually found too many things and had to weed through them and only keep the best pieces. At one point I was texting Keith from the dressing room – what do you think of this? What about this?

IMG_5029 copy
One of the crappy selfies I sent him…I ended up buying this particular dress.

I ended up walking out of Goodwill with:

  • two pairs of jeans
  • a pair of slacks
  • a pair of athletic pants for running/yoga
  • an Ann Taylor Loft, new with tags
  • a more casual shirt
  • a cute little black purse
  • a pair of heels that are totally impractical…but I may wear them to a BlogHer party just for fun
  • an awesome pair of flats that I think will work really well for BlogHer
  • two dresses
  • a name brand Spanx slip for only $6 that was in perfect condition.

I think I need to scout out more of the thrift shops around here…apparently I’ve been missing out on some good finds!