Future Loft DIY Plans

We bought our first house in May 2017. The house we bought is your standard two story home. No basement, but it has a great loft area that serves as a bonus/family room.

The railing in said loft area looks like this:

Our loft railing – from the MLS listing pictures when we bought the house

It’s ugly, barely meets code and has started to wobble. Then, some spindles started falling out. We’ve reinforced them with screws for now, but that’s a very temporary solution and not one that is incredibly safe.

After some discussion, we’ve decided that our first big DIY project in this house is going to be to rip out that railing and replace it with a half wall that contains built in bookcases. We haven’t quite decided if we’ll build the bookcases ourselves, or set half-sized Billy bookcases from IKEA into the space and finish around the bookcases to make them look built-in.

Here’s my incredibly artistic drawing of what I’m thinking…

I know you’re jealous of my drawing skillz.

And a few Pinterest pins with similar ideas to what I’m thinking…

We’ll see how things go, but right now, I’m pretty excited about this particular project.

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I'm a Happiness Engineer for Automattic. I love travel, reading, photography, and occasionally running.

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