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Christmas 2020

We got the kids an XBox for Christmas. I would say it was a huge hit. 😆

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A Few Scenes from the Beach

We went to Orange Beach, Alabama in the beginning of October, and it was absolutely gorgeous. There’s something so refreshing about seeing the ocean. Sitting in the sand, and feeling that breeze on your face…mmmm.

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Ha, so, I was going to update this blog regularly…and then chemo started and I got so sick I ended up taking a couple months off of work, and I just couldn’t handle blogging. I have now done 16 rounds of chemo from February to July, then on July 25th I had a bilateral mastectomy. […]


Funding a Cure

Originally posted on No Half Measures:
Those of you who read my blog know that I’m living with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Before my diagnosis, even though my mom is a survivor of breast cancer, I was astonishingly ignorant about breast cancer and trials and drugs and so many things that now occupy my…

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Waiting, Testing and Productivity

So since my last post, I’ve seen more doctors and gotten more tests back. (And my cats are getting really tired of how much I’m out of the house. They are used to me home a lot because I work from home. Remus decided to take matters into his own hands, er, paws, and sit […]


Future Loft DIY Plans

We bought our first house in May 2017. The house we bought is your standard two story home. No basement, but it has a great loft area that serves as a bonus/family room. The railing in said loft area looks like this: It’s ugly, barely meets code and has started to wobble. Then, some spindles […]