2020, you are weird

So I look back at my post when I restarted this site – Reciprocal Waltz 2.0 – and it just makes me laugh. Here’s to documenting a great 2019! I mean, it was definitely an interesting year, but I’m not sure I’d call it “great”. It was more, “Oh hey, I survived that year, yay.”

And now it’s mid 2020 and so far we are in a global pandemic, plus the three million other awful things that have happened world-wide. Oh, and because of the cancer in 2019, I’m super high risk from said pandemic virus. Yay! Not.

And on a personal level, this year has been rough. I’ve had surgery due to an infection, my kidneys also failed due to that infection and the antibiotics used to treat me (I am fine now, but kidney failure? not an experience I recommend, at all), and my once very mild asthma is now much more present thanks to last year’s radiation, the infection, and then an unrelated bout of pneumonia. The meds I am on to keep the cancer from coming back cause a lot of discomfort. I’m still adjusting to this new, lifelong normal of what cancer and treatment did to my body, and it’s been hard, both mentally and physically.

A hospital bathroom selfie! How classy.

Not all of 2020 has been bad though. Before the pandemic started, I got to go to Panama with my work team. It was just as awesome as you might imagine. We had a ton of fun together, got some solid work done, ate good food, laughed a lot, and even checked out the Panama Canal.

One of the ships that I got to watch go through the Panama Canal locks

Thanks to the pandemic, I’ve also gotten to spend a lot of time with my kids, which after having no energy to parent much in 2019 has been nice.

Because we are all home and not running around, and because I’m still healing from being sick multiple times this year, I’ve also had a lot of time to play video games, watch TV, and be crafty again. I have even combined Animal Crossing and craftiness:

I’m still not sure what the rest of 2020 is going to look like – really, who is, at this point. But I do have to say that I’m looking forward to doing more crafty stuff. It’s been fun.

I’m even debating about starting a blog so I can document my works in progress there. Or maybe I’ll just post about them here? We will see what happens. I’m still playing around with the idea and a site. Will update when I decide what I am doing!


Ha, so, I was going to update this blog regularly…and then chemo started and I got so sick I ended up taking a couple months off of work, and I just couldn’t handle blogging.

I have now done 16 rounds of chemo from February to July, then on July 25th I had a bilateral mastectomy. I then had a second surgery to remove a cancerous lymph node that didn’t get removed during my full axillary dissection (long story, that one). I then had another surgery because my incision on that side got irritated from procedure #2 and decided to open.

I’m doing okay mentally, but in some ways I’m still barely keeping my head above water. I might blog about it more once things settle down.

Right now though, I am healing from my third surgery, and feeling very stir crazy. I’m starting to think about our house again, and projects I want to do around here. I’m working out scheduling for work and kids and everything else during my next 7 weeks of radiation. I’m feeling a little panicky because this is the calendar they gave me and holy heck that’s a lot of appointments all on its own:

And that’s just October. Sob. I’ll be going through November 21st. It could be way worse! But yeah, it’s a lot.

On the positive side, I’m escaping to the gulf for a couple days soon with my husband – I’ve never been and seeing the Gulf of Mexico is a bucket list item for me, so I can’t wait! My kids are all doing well in school, I feel like I’m finally getting my brain back and that I’m able to focus during work again, and oh! I have hair again:

So yeah! That’s a super short version of the last, oh, 9 months. Hahaha.